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Susan and Dean


Dean: "I had been single for what felt like an eternity, and after trying some of the other dating sites on offer over the previous couple of years with no real success I decided to spend that extra bit and try a site I first saw while in the states earlier in the year. eHarmony seemed to be a step above the rest and how true that turned out to be. A few days after joining the recommendations started to come in, to be honest the first few weren’t very impressive but then I got sent Sue’s details and they instantly grabbed my attention, and I wasted no time in expressing my interest. We used the guided communication first but quickly moved to emails, phone calls and texts.

We started talking about meeting and finally did on the 2nd October 2009, I was so nervous but so excited at the same time. In my typical style I arrived early at the car park where we had arranged to meet, when I saw Sue for the first time I couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous woman was there to see me. I waited till she had parked up and walked over to greet her. We had lovely evening and the conversation flowed as if I’d known her for years, everything felt so natural. Things moved on really well from that evening we saw each other every couple of days and spoke and texted as often as we could. I soon came to realise that this lady was the one for me and had even had me changing my stubborn view of never wanting to marry again (a thought I’m sure most divorcees all have). In November it was Sue’s birthday, an event unfortunately I had to miss as she had pre arranged a holiday with her sister. I went with them all to the airport taking the opportunity to also meet her sister and brother in law. Although it was only for a week, saying goodbye was the toughest thing I’d had to do for a long time and it made me realise just how much I was falling for Sue. That week was one of the longest ever and even though we spoke all the time it was my version of hell on earth without her. In February I had the most amazing job offer near where Sue lives and she asked me to move in with her and without a doubt in my mind I said yes. Our families had merged so well it’s almost like they were meant to be together, Sue’s daughter and my two kids get on like a house on fire.

Then during April a family meal gave me the perfect opportunity to broach a subject I had been thinking about, about half way through the meal I dropped to one knee and asked Sue to marry me. After a couple of minutes of tears and shock from both Sue and my mum and a jest full slap off Sue’s mum (because I didn’t tell her) she said yes and we have since set the date for 2nd July 2011.

I put my faith in the hands of eHarmony to find my one and they have done just that, I can never show enough gratitude and will always be in their debt."

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