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eHarmony Success Couples

Spectacular First Dates

Claire and James

Newmarket, Suffolk

Claire: “Before I was matched with James I did meet with a few other people on eHarmony but after a couple of weeks those relationships seemed to fizzle out. With James things were different. We met up after a couple of weeks of exchanging emails via eHarmony. For our first date we had a lovely Sunday lunch at a local pub and regardless of how nervous I was, the conversation was easy and fun and I instantly knew that I wanted to see James again. Our second date was similar – good food, great company.

After our second date I was going on a skiing holiday in France for a week with a friend and told James that I’d contact him on my return. Whilst away I broke my wrist which was rather inconvenient as James lived 30 miles away. James was just wonderful. He didn’t hesitate in doing all the driving, picking me up to take me out and even cutting up my food when we were out as I was unable to do so with my wrist. The way he cared for me so early on in our relationship showed me his sensitive and thoughtful side.

As my wrist got stronger, so did our relationship. We really have gone from strength to strength. We have done some absolutely amazing things in our 22 months together. A recent highlight was our trip to New York where James proposed at the top of the Empire State building. James is the person I never thought I would be lucky enough to meet. He is caring, generous, loving and above all my best friend. I can’t imagine being without him.

eHarmony is by far the best internet dating site I encountered. The other individuals I contacted were all looking for serious relationships and were friendly, positive people. I felt as though only people who were serious about meeting ‘The One’ were interested enough to complete the registration process.”

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