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eHarmony Success Couples

Spectacular First Dates

Clare and Andy

Hinckley, Leicestershire

Clare: “Having not found a lifetime partner in 42 years both of us independently decided to join eHarmony in July 2011. We were actually matched quite quickly and we both sent icebreakers to each other before starting on the guided questions.

For our first date we decided to meet for a coffee on the August Bank Holiday. We were both very much interested and excited about finally meeting each other and when it came to leave we arranged to meet later that same day to catch a film at the cinema.

After that amazing day we both agreed that we definitely wanted to go out again. I invited Andy over for dinner that Thursday and after that we just began to see more and more of each other. After a while Andy asked how I would feel if he asked me to marry him. I was so excited but we agreed that maybe we should go on holiday together and find a place together first! Andy moved in with me a few weeks later and we arranged to go to India last November.

We went to get our visas for our trip from the Birmingham Embassy which is in the Jewellery Quarter and we ended up wandering around the shops where Andy bought me a beautiful engagement ring. He asked me to marry him while we were in India and I accepted. When we returned we told our families the amazing news and started making arrangements for our wedding.

We were married on the 5th May this year, much to the delight of our friends and families who just never thought we’d find the ‘right person’. Neither of us thought we would ever get married. The wedding was just a perfect day for the both of us and we are still on Cloud Nine.”

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