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Kyria and Joe


Kyria: “I was really sceptical about online dating and put it off for ages. Just before Christmas, I decided as a treat to myself I’d sign up and see what it was all about.

Joe sent me a message but I saw he lived in Southampton, so straight away decided I wasn’t interested. I waited a while and looked at more matches then thought that I should at least read Joe’s profile. I decided that I was interested so started chatting to him a bit to see where it went. I found myself getting more and more interested in him and excited to talk to him so we arranged to meet up just after Christmas in Covent Garden.

I told him before our date that I only had an hour free so if it were to go really badly then I’d only have to endure it for an hour and I’d have an easy escape! As it turned out, I was an hour late to meet him! The tube was really bad because it was snowy and also running on Christmas hours. I hadn’t taken this into account! This slightly ruined my ‘one hour’ excuse but I made something up and pretended I had another hour. I was so nervous before meeting him, we hadn’t spoken on the phone so I was anxious to hear his voice and I just didn’t know what to expect.

Within a matter of moments we were completely at ease, making fun of each other like we’d known each other for ages and I was instantly attracted to him. I had to keep pretending that the reason I had to leave early had changed so I could stay later! Joe knows all about it now though and finds it funny. We ended up staying together until midnight, just before the last tube.

We saw each other every day after that, even on New Year’s Eve when we both had plans already with our friends. We managed to combine the parties and meet up later in the evening.

My mum and my friends love Joe as much as I do! I have a year left in my degree and Joe has two, so when I’ve finished I’ll be moving to Southampton to live with him and then we’ll see what the future holds – I’m excited!”

Joe: “For people in their early 20s I think it's fair to say there's an amount of stigma associated with joining an online dating site. I think this was the main thing holding me back from joining sooner. I’d been single for a while and was looking for the right person for me. I thought maybe there was something in online dating, particularly as a medical student when I didn't really have the hours or the desire to go looking for women in bars (not that it was ever really my scene).

I remember seeing Kyria’s profile - she had commented on how she was studying art and was a big animal fan. I didn’t think we really had anything in common but when we exchanged numbers and started texting, it became very clear to me that she was a great match.

Our first date didn’t get off to the smoothest start, she was an hour late! But I guess rather than leave thinking she wasn't coming, something kept me there. I really thought through our communication that we could be on to something special and I’m glad I stayed. We had a few drinks in a pub when she did eventually turn up, and we just hit it off. You just know it when you feel it.

More than anything, every time I'm with her it's as much fun as it was the first night. From that day she's always been there for me when I've needed her, she’s my girlfriend and my best friend.”

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