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Spectacular First Dates

Royston and Dany


Dany: “I was so nervous before our first date that I didn’t eat for two days before it! I felt like I was 16 again. I knew I liked him and we even made sure to meet up on the Friday evening so if it went well, we’d have the rest of the weekend to meet up as well – which we did! On the Friday, we went out for dinner and then to the theatre and it was an incredible night. It felt like we were old friends catching up and we didn’t stop talking, we still don’t!

Our relationship just progressed so naturally and it all felt so right. My family are from Czech Republic and we visited them over the Christmas period so they could meet Royston. My parents don’t speak a word of English and Royston doesn’t know any Czech so you can imagine the conversations were quite amusing. In fact, Royston and my father were watching a football match together and having a full on conversation with Royston speaking in English and my father replying in Czech, neither knew what the other was saying but I’m promise you the conversation actually made sense! My family love him too and are so happy for me.

We’ve been living together for over six months now and we still can’t get enough of each other.  He buys me a bouquet of flowers every month and takes such good care of them. I love it every time he gets me them. I take one flower from every bunch and press it so I can keep it forever, and I’m collecting all of the pressed flowers from every bunch to make something with them, I’m not sure what yet.

Royston: “I’d been single for a while but I wasn’t necessarily looking for a relationship. I was quite happy on my own but it occurred to me one day that maybe I should try dating again and see if I meet anyone.

I decided to join eHarmony because I loved the idea of a personality profile and finding out stuff about myself. To be honest, this is what I was more interested in doing at first than finding a relationship. I’d completed the questionnaire and started to fill in my profile when I received an email from eHarmony telling me that Dany wanted to skip the Guided Communication process and go straight to email, which I found very amusing! I read her profile and, although I couldn’t see her photos, I was immediately interested. She talked about how close she was with her brother and how he inspired her and I felt already like we had a connection. I’m so close to my twin brother so I was already interested. I knew that if I wanted to contact Dany, I’d have to sign up fully. I paid and then I could see Dany’s photos and she was beautiful! I still say now it was the best money I’ve ever spent!

Dany was the only woman that I ever communicated with on eHarmony, I wanted to give her my full attention when getting to know her as our conversation was going brilliantly and I sensed that there was something between us. When I asked Dany out on a date, I gave her a few options of what to do so she could choose whatever she was most comfortable with. The first date was fantastic, we went out for dinner and I remember walking to the theatre afterwards and holding her hand, I felt such strong chemistry, I knew how much I liked her and wanted to see her again.

I just can’t believe how happy I am with Dany, and she was the first email I got from eHarmony, and the only person I ever communicated with. We share the same opinions on everything and can read each other so well. We moved in months ago and still haven’t plugged our TV in; we just don’t want TV any more. We’d much rather go for a walk, or spend quality time together, we never run out of things to say to each other. I’ve never experienced this with anyone before Dany!”

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