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Christine and Allan


Christine: “I was widowed suddenly nearly three years before and was ready to share my life again.  I had a very successful and happy relationship for 33 years and was very conscious that I was lucky in that. I realised one day that I wanted to be a couple again so I had to take charge of my life.

My first impression of Allan's profile was that he was open and sincere.  He said a lot about his interests and his humour came through immediately.  He appeared to be a no fuss, good guy looking for a companion and friend in life. He stressed his family ties, love of music and his journalism hobby writing for a music magazine (though I was a bit concerned I would be a little mainstream for him).  

We used the secure email service quite a bit so had got to know quite a bit about each other before deciding to meet.  I was extremely nervous; I didn't want to come across as needy or desperate but I also didn't want to appear aloof or too cool.  I had got to quite like him during our email chats so didn't want to blow it. We chatted (I gibbered) for nearly two hours without even realising it; it felt so easy.  We swapped email addresses and phone numbers and arranged to go to the movies the following night.

It was on Allan’s lunch break that we met for the first time and when it was time for Allan to go back to work I found myself thinking, did he like me? Did he want to see me again?  I can’t remember who said it first but before we separated we were discussing what film we should see.  Later that night he text me and suggested having something to eat before hand, and that was it.

We talked, texted, emailed and met up regularly.  We played a texting game one day where a question was set (and answered) by one of us with a new question set.  This was then answered with new question set.  This went on all day.  The question went from the mundane to the cheeky.  It was a really fun and interesting way to get to know about each other.  Allan is so caring, he texts me every night before bed and every morning before he leaves for work. Whilst we don't often see each other during the week, we talk for an hour each evening and often text through the day.  I really feel someone is thinking of me and cares about me in such a loving way.  For my part, I think I give the same level of care back to him.  He fills my thoughts; I really care how he is and how he feels.  He is so gentle and sweet.  We are working on a partnership and companionship that is filled with love and respect. He has taken me into his family and I feel I am treated as a full partner to him.  Who knows where this will lead, but for my part I am honoured to have him in my life and feel that I am one lucky lady to have found him!”

Allan: “I didn't know anyone that had been on eHarmony or any other similar sites. It was a complete 'shot in the dark' as far as I was concerned. I never actually thought that there would be anyone interested in speaking to me, never mind dating. Like Christine, I was a bit apprehensive about putting myself out there. It's very easy to retract into safe areas of your life i.e. work, sporting interests and family and you forget that having someone special, something special and a relationship that's special is part of what makes you, you.

I was a bit nervous driving to Falkirk where we had arranged to meet but as the company I work for has a branch in Falkirk, I soon forgot about my nerves as I was caught up in work related stuff just before we met. I think Christine caught me phoning or texting suppliers just as the 'date' was supposed to start. Bad me!

Within about ten minutes I think I knew I wanted to see Christine again. It wasn't easy for me to move to the next 'stage'. I felt like a shy teenager again (minus the spots) but once I realised that it's what we both wanted then it was easier.

I sometimes wonder what she sees in a grumpy, old man like me but I care for her and love her very much!”

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