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Spectacular First Dates

Steve and Nicola


Steve: “I actually joined eHarmony because I have quite bad hearing! I’ve played in a heavy metal band for years and my hearing is so bad that I can’t meet girls in bars or clubs because I simply can’t have a conversation over the music!

I chose eHarmony because it has a good reputation for an online dating website and I trusted it. It wasn’t long before I saw Nicola’s profile in my matches; she looked lovely and seemed interesting. She actually contacted me before I even got a chance and we spent the entire evening messaging nonstop back and forth.

We didn’t get to meet for a while but we were emailing, texting and speaking on the phone every day and, as it turned out, the wait was well worth it. I didn’t feel particularly nervous, and she greeted me with a huge hug and planted a big kiss on my cheek - it totally broke the ice! We had coffee and chatted for hours and I knew this was something special.

Months later we were still going strong. We recently went away for a romantic weekend in the countryside and stayed in a lovely little cottage house. I had a ring ready for when I would propose to Nicola but I don’t think I knew exactly when and how I would do it, so when I proposed it was a bit of a surprise for both of us! On the first night of this weekend, we stayed in and stayed up until the early hours of the morning talking about everything and anything. I felt so close and connected to her that the time felt so right so I hopped out of bed, dug the ring out of my coat pocket, knelt down on one knee and proposed.  I think her first words were, ‘are you serious?’ I urged her to give an answer because I was cold and wanted to get back into bed; luckily she said yes!

Nicola: “Steve’s profile caught my eye because of his interest in graphic design which you don’t see very often and it’s a hobby of mine too. I messaged him and it was clear we hit it off from the start. What’s really crazy is that a friend of mine actually knew who Steve was already. He’s in a band that is well known locally and she really liked his music – I knew she’d approve, and also felt safe meeting him knowing he was a real person! We didn’t get a chance to meet for a while because I had an interview coming along which needed all my focus and attention, plus I thought going on a date with Steve would be a nice reward once it was over.

When the time came that I was free to meet Steve, there was a serious blizzard in England and it began to look like we might not be able to meet that evening due to the snow. However, I was determined! I set out in my car to drive to his town before the snow got too bad; I had to take my chances, I couldn’t wait any longer to meet him!

Our first date was great and we really hit it off, but our second date was even better. It was Steve’s birthday and I turned up with lots of little presents for him which he wasn’t expecting at all and I think he was quite touched by the gesture. Oh, I also met all his family on the second date! It was his birthday and Steve said he had no doubt that we’d get on brilliantly – and we did!

Our relationship got better and better and we feel like we’re meant for each other. We have such an exciting future ahead of us; we’re planning our wedding and looking for a three or four bedroom house to buy with the hope to start a family in the not so distant future!”

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