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A European dating site like no other

Unlike many other European dating sites, at eHarmony we’re not just a database of names and facts. At eHarmony we work hard to find out who you are, what you want and who would fit with your life and fill your world with joy. Join us today to start dating European women or men and find your perfect match. 

Filtering European singles in two effective ways

At eHarmony we believe there’s someone perfect out there for everyone. But we also understand people can be picky when it comes to dating and have certain preferences that need to be taken into account. This is why we filter our database of singles in two ways before you get to meet them, meaning only the people who suit you will appear in your inbox.

By preference

First, once you’re an official eHarmony member, you’ll be able to navigate to a preference page. This is the place to specify who you want to meet and who you don’t. We understand the diversity of Europe and know you may be looking for something specific within the many countries and cultures found here. This could be ethnic background or religion – important considerations in a relationship.

You can also specify your preference in terms of location – and narrow it down to as close as a 30 mile radius. So, where are you looking? You could be looking Europe-wide, or even worldwide. Alternatively, you might be looking for someone who lives more locally. We can help you filter your matches. Just let us know by visiting the preferences page on your profile.

By compatibility

As well as letting you pick specific preferences, we also filter matches in a far less direct way. This is where we get into the philosophy of what makes a couple work – a question our researchers have pored over for 35 years. We believe compatibility is the absolute key to any successful attachment. This is why we match our members on key dimensions of compatibility such as spirituality, intellect and values. Here’s how it works:

We get to know you with our Relationship Questionnaire. We ask you about who you are, your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a relationship. At the end of this you’ll receive a Personality Profile, which reveals important aspects of your character and how you appear to others. You may even learn a bit about yourself at this stage.

Your results will be fed through our Compatibility Matching System™ to compare your profile to millions of others and look for interesting crossovers. The computer will also bear in mind your preferences.

The matches will come straight to your inbox, with fresh ones appearing every day for you to review.

You can choose to subscribe if you like the sound of your matches, and then you can view photos and contact matches.

Start dating European singles with Icebreakers, emails and, when you’re ready, dates.

4 steps to start your online dating adventure

Tell us about yourself through the Relationship Questionnaire 

Complete your online profile

Let us know your preferences

Receive the first matches in your inbox

Raising your profile

Dating online is a competitive enterprise. Don’t think it’s all easy. You still have to be on the ball and ready to impress, even with our matching technology. Here are a few ways to make sure you catch the eye of your potential matches:

Find the perfect picture

The first thing a subscribed eHarmony member is going to see when looking online is your picture. However, it still needs to be 100% realistic – not 10 years out of date or photoshopped, for example. Think of it in terms of how you’d want to look when going out to try to meet someone in a bar or a club. You want to make a good impression, sure, but you want to really show them what you’re like at the same time. Take a new set of photos and get a friend to help you choose the best ones.

Speak about what interests you

Like most west or east European dating sites, we issue you with a profile that includes a number of places to answer questions. Make sure to make time to fill this in and be honest and expansive. A sure way to stand out is to pick subjects you can speak about with passion – this will bring out your true personality whilst catching someone’s eye.

Meeting European women and men at your own pace

European women dating may be worried about security online. Try our Guided Communication system to stay safe and speak to your matches at a pace that suits you.



Forging lifelong relationships

Unlike many other western or eastern European dating sites, we have a unique focus on forging relationships rather than just dates. Instead of putting photos and other superficial qualities first, we concentrate on personality right from the beginning. Western and eastern European singles dating online with eHarmony will be able to see the person inside first and the photos later, emphasising what really counts: compatibility.


Success stories

Read our many western and eastern European dating UK success stories. So many of our introductions on eHarmony have led to long and healthy marriages – according to a US survey by Harris Interactive® in 2009, we’re responsible for 542 marriages every day. We’re committed to achieving the same kind of success in Europe and bringing together European couples for happy, long-lasting relationships. See for yourself just how successful our methods can be.


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