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Mature dating with eHarmony

At eHarmony we’re committed to matching you with deeply compatible singles, whether you’re 35 or 65. We only match you with like-minded singles, so you have a better chance of finding someone really special. 

Over 60s in the UK are still getting used to being called ‘seniors’ and they are still out living their lives as fast, if not as furiously, as they ever did. Over 60s have seen it all, and done quite a bit of it themselves. And, according to UK government research, they are now one of the fastest-growing communities of internet users. The desire to communicate is the motivator behind this increasing internet use, and the desire for companionship and love is what is behind the growing interest in dating for over 60 s.   

Paid for or free over 60 dating sites that cater exclusively for internet dating over 60 s have their limitations but eHarmony is different. We don’t just match our members according to age – we match you based on deep levels of compatibility so you are more likely to form a meaningful connection. If age is a deal breaker for you, you can specify the age range you are interested in. But, regardless, with eHarmony you will know you will only meet like-minded singles who share your values and beliefs – the sort of things that really matter in successful relationships.

UK mature dating profile

For friends and family, the idea of singles over 60 dating can sometimes take a little getting used to, but for those who are 60 plus dating makes perfect sense. We are all living longer and enjoying better health, so being in your 60s no longer means being in your twilight years.

Better health, financial security, more leisure time, and a recognition that families are growing up and moving away are all reasons to consider mature dating. For many people dating over 60 offers the opportunity for love a second time around, but it’s also a chance to share and to give generously to another person. 

The emotional maturity that over 60s bring to human makes us great dates. Through experience, we understand the importance of give and take, of taking an interest in other people and being willing to see someone else's point of view. We also know our own minds and have the confidence to say what we think. Such basic respect and honesty are values that we have been brought up with and appreciate in one another.   

The ability to stand back from a situation and to weigh up the facts is another great skill that comes with emotional maturity. So, if you've spent too long alone, or too long bringing up children and minding grandchildren and you want to break free mature dating could be just the tonic – and it’s about time you gave yourself permission to try it.

Mature dating priorities

People in their 60s date for all sorts of reasons. Young people in their 20s and 30s tend to be on the look-out for a suitable partner to have children with. And while physical attraction undoubtedly plays a part in this, it’s not the only factor – looking for a partner with the ability to nurture or provide for a family can be just as important when dating in younger decades.

However, by the time people get to their 60s, their priorities have often changed. Some may be looking for companionship and shared interests, while others find themselves free to follow their physical attractions in a way they never have been before. 

Options for over 60 dating

UK over 60’s are as likely to remember Neil Sedaka as they are to remember the Rolling Stones, and they are almost certain to have known which they preferred. Some will have been mods and others rockers, but these days it may no longer be possible to guess who’s who in the lucky dip that’s the world of senior dating. And that’s probably a good thing, because keeping an open mind is the key to over 60 dating success. This has got nothing to do with lowering standards and everything to do with the fact that the world has changed.

While the swinging 60s may have been a great time for a lucky few, dating today for the over 60s is not about re-living a lost youth – it’s more about the future. These days, on hearing the word “kindle”, many over 60s think of their digital e-reader – and other things have changed too.  We are now much more aware and accepting of our basic need for human contact and, for those of us who want it, the importance of a happy, loving relationship.



Over 60 dating sites

Senior dating sites have been causing quite a stir across the Atlantic for some time. In the UK, for mature dating London was probably the first city to take it up in a big way. Over 60 s dating sites have become popular among internet-savvy older people who appreciate the convenience of getting to know one another online before deciding whether to take things further. It’s this convenience that makes internet dating so popular across the UK. 

eHarmony mature dating

You can get started today by signing up and filling in our Relationship Questionnaire for free. We will send you matches, which you can review for free before deciding to take things any further. If and when you want to get in touch with someone, you can use our Guided Communication tool to help you break the ice. We offer you help every step of the way because we are committed to helping you find someone worth finding. 


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