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Dating for over 40s

You’ve heard it about life, but do you believe it about dating? The good news is that with eHarmony there are plenty of reasons to believe that dating begins at 40. 

The three big reasons why dating begins at 40

They may appear simple, but the following three points summarise everything about why over 40s dating can be so rewarding. Behind them is a wealth of experience and ahead of them a new world of possibilities for dating after 40. And let’s not forget that this age is generally regarded as being in the prime of life – or at least at the start of it!

You are older and wiser

You have a better idea of what you want from life

You have more freedom to choose

Whether you’ve had your confidence knocked by life’s experiences or you wouldn’t have changed anything for the world, we have learned from our experiences. This makes us more interesting – and more considerate as dates. 

Put two over 40s together, and not only is the conversation likely to be more interesting, but they are likely to understand the importance of making the other feel listened to and appreciated – and those are two of the most important factors for a successful date. 

Feeling older and wiser is just one aspect of the emotional maturity that comes with dating over 40. The ability to stand back from a situation, rather than be swept along by emotions, means those of us in the over 40 dating club tend to have a more relaxed frame of mind and therefore enjoy more fun dates. 

We also tend to have a much better idea of what we want from life – and the confidence to share it. Dating for the over 40s tends not to be a make or break situation: if you hit it off, then you can have some fun, but if either of you feels it's not working, then dating 40s tend to find it easier to say so, and to accept it with no hard feelings. 

Of course, there's no denying that today dating for over 40 men and women is easier than it has ever been, as online compatibility checks can take some of the guesswork out of choosing a date – leaving all the excitement. 

Dating in your 40s can be liberating for so many reasons. Many over 40’s have quickly growing up or grown up children, which means they have more free time and often more spare cash to enjoy themselves. There are also increasing numbers of over 40’s choosing to start a family now the time is right. Either way over 40 s dating or looking for a long-term relationship are less restricted by social attitudes or their own preconceptions about the right partner, giving themselves more choice and more freedom to enjoy life. 

Give yourself a second chance 

For singles who are divorced or who have lost a partner through bereavement, online dating with eHarmony can be an opportunity to find love again.  

40 plus dating is on the increase and dating over 40s can be exactly what is needed to restore confidence and re-engage our spirit of fun. Other 40-somethings who have had their share of ups and downs have often become kinder and gentler people and have a less judgemental attitude towards others. This can be exactly what we need. When many of us are harder on ourselves than we need to be, dating someone who enjoys our company and sees the best in us can give us a new lease on life.



Online dating in your forties

Dating sites for over 40 men and women are great for introducing people who are feeling rusty on the dating scene and who would otherwise have missed out on a great opportunity for happiness a second time around. 

They are a brilliant way to get back into the swing of dating, and they are far easier to use than personals in newspapers. For one thing, there is the space to create a thoughtful personal profile, rather than just cram in a list of demands of what you want from a partner. 

For over 40s dating sites provide an opportunity to take things slowly before deciding whether to take it to the next level. It is no wonder that on dating sites over 40 men and women are one of the fastest-growing categories of user, enjoying their freedom and finding love.

Why eHarmony?

eHarmony is not like any other over 40 dating sites. We will match you with other singles only based on deep levels of compatibility. This means you have a much better chance of forming a meaningful connection – all that’s left is to see whether you click. Sign up and review your matches for free and you can start to find out.

eHarmony success story; Julia, matched with Andy

"I went ahead and posted my information, paid my subscription and was sent some photos of guys that matched my profile. I saw Andy's and I knew instantly that I wanted to meet him so I sent him an ice breaker. After a day he responded, we started emailing and soon went to phoning one another so we spoke every night for several hours at a time. I then asked if he would like to meet and we arranged to meet at a pub a few days later. We spent seven hours together heaving a meal and a walk around Wollaton Park and then we arranged to meet up again the following weekend in Matlock Bath to spend the weekend together. Since then we have spent as much time as possible together and when Andy proposed I had to ask him to repeat the question to make sure I’d heard him correctly. I said yes."


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