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Asian Dating in UK: How to cultivate meaningful connections

by eharmony Editorial Team March 14, 2024

If you’re an Asian single who wants to find someone who shares your ethnicity and cultural background, eharmony is your ideal starting point. Whether you seek an array of Asian dating possibilities or hope to connect with someone who shares your interests, we streamline the process. Our dating is designed for people of all backgrounds and we’re committed to creating lasting, meaningful relationships.

Asian dating UK: Embracing Cultural Diversity

There are over 5.5m people of Asian heritage in England and Wales, or 9.3% of the population, according to the census of 20211. Asian people are the UK’s largest minority by a distance, with those in Scotland and Northern Ireland making up a smaller percentage. 

Within these figures are a vast number of cultures that make up the UK Asian dating scene. The most prominent are:

  • Indian – the UK’s largest Asian group has made an outsize impact on British culture, food, industry and politics with sizeable populations in most major cities
  • Pakistani – the UK’s ties with south Asia go back centuries but most Asian people arrived since the 1950s, among them large numbers of Pakistanis, who have left their mark in fashion, cuisine and the broader cultural life of the UK
  • Bangladeshi/Bengali – many of the UK’s ‘Indian’ restaurants are in fact Bengali and food from this region is a national favourite. East London is a thriving centre of Bangladeshi culture and this is one of the UK’s fastest-growing minorities
  • Sri Lankan – smaller in number than other desi groupings but nonetheless influential in cuisine and fashion
  • Chinese – in the UK, describing someone as ‘Asian’ most often means south Asian, but there are nonetheless significant populations of east-Asian heritage particularly in London. Recently there have been large influxes of Hong Kong Chinese to major cities
  • Korean – a small but growing number of Koreans have chosen to make the UK their home, with the community of New Malden in south-west London a particular hub
  • Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese communities are also growing in number in British cities

It’s important to note that within each of these broad categories there is further diversity of regional origins, languages, and cultural practices. The British Asian community is not monolithic, but a dynamic and multifaceted part of broader society. Therefore, Asian dating in the UK is a mosaic of different cultures that not only adds diversity and individuality to the dating scene but also shows how cultures often come together and branch off in unique ways.

How do I find Asian singles near me?

To find Asian singles near you, use the power of online dating sites or apps. Start by exploring reputable Asian dating apps or websites that cater to your geographical location. Many Asian dating services allow you to set preferences, narrowing your search to local matches. You could also attend cultural events, festivals, or gatherings within your community where you’re likely to meet Asian singles who share your interests. Additionally, consider joining social groups or clubs that focus on Asian culture, providing opportunities to connect.

Not only an Asian dating site: Matches based on compatibility

When looking for an Asian dating site or app, you’ll find endless possibilities. But there’s a whole lot of reasons to start your journey on eharmony. We know Asian dating is all about finding your perfect match and lots of Asian singles use dating apps to find a partner who shares their cultural background. Among our large membership you can easily meet compatible singles who match your criteria.

Each member takes our Compatibility Quiz to unveil the essential elements in a relationship – their values, needs, and communication styles. Distinguishing itself from other Asian dating sites, eharmony’s focus is on more than casual dating. Our objective is to cultivate long-term, committed relationships through matchmaking tailored to individual preferences and values.

So if you want an Asian dating experience that will help you meet genuine Asian singles who want a lasting relationship based on equality and respect, then read on.

A step-by-step Asian Dating Guide for to find lasting love on eharmony

Wondering how your Asian dating journey unfolds on eharmony? This step-by-step guide gives you the building-blocks to create an authentic, enduring connection.

Discover the real you

eharmony is not just another Asian dating site – we believe love happens when you find someone who just gets you. That’s why everyone starts with our Compatibility Quiz. Your answers help us find the Asian singles you’re most likely to hit it off with.

Example eharmony compatibility quiz question

Complete your profile

The key to successful Asian online dating starts with your profile. We make this process as enjoyable as possible by having richly detailed profiles that are easy to digest. That’s why eharmony is the dating app with the highest-rated user profile2

Explore Asian singles

In your Discover list, you’ll find every eharmony member who fits your search criteria. Each member you see will display a Compatibility Score based on how likely you are to hit it off. You can filter who you see based on traits you share (e.g. distance, education, age, non-smoker, wants to have kids etc.)   – and you’ll also see what you have in common with each member. 

It all starts with a Like

Not sure how to get the conversation started? We’ve made it easy: if something on a member’s profile catches your eye, just hit Like. Then you have the option to add a personalized message. You can hit Like on answers to profile questions, their hobbies or your similarities.

Two Likes make a Match

Once you get a Like back, it’s a Match. Congratulations! You can now swap messages and send Icebreakers or react with a Smile to get to know each other better. Because we believe love happens when two people connect based on what really matters. If you’re ready to find out, sign up today. 

Explore Asian Dating with eharmony: Connecting Cultures, Interests and Compatibility

Whether you want a connection with someone who shares your cultural background, interests and life goals, or simply wish to explore Asian dating possibilities in your city or town, eharmony is here to help. With our large and diverse user base, we ensure a good selection of like-minded Asian singles that not only match your criteria but also your personality and what you’re looking for in a partner.

How Asian Dating

with eharmony with eharmony

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  1. According the the UK Census, 2016  

  2. Based on a 2023 survey of 2,807 respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia