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Dating in edinburgh: Meeting your kind of people

by eharmony Editorial Team - August 25, 2022

What could be more romantic than finding love among the cobbles beneath Edinburgh Castle? With its world-famous beauty, historic monuments and glistening modernity, Edinburgh dating has the potential to meet interesting people of kinds and – possibly – that special someone you’re just meant to be with.

Among the grand architecture and hustle and bustle, we peel back the city’s active dating culture, where you can meet singles that suit you, and find out how people finding love online. 

Meet Edinburgh singles in your everyday life

Edinburgh is one of the cultural centres of the world so meeting new people doesn’t take much imagination. The strong student and tourist presence in the city makes meeting singles through the city’s nightlife – such as Cabaret Voltaire or the Bongo Club – one of the more obvious avenues. However, pubs and clubs aren’t for everyone. Here’s how can you meet people in other ways:

  • If you’re at a loose end on a Saturday and an early bird, you could always try the Farmers’ Market for a more offbeat Edinburg dating opportunity. The cheery communal atmosphere makes it easier to start a conversation
  • If you’re looking for cultural activity, the Scottish Arts Club hosts a variety of exhibitions as well as workshops and classes where you could meet interesting singles
  • While it may sound like a rough and tumble night, many of the city’s pub crawls emphasise history more than revelry, giving you the chance to meet people in a more relaxed setting while also learning a bit more about your city

However, many people who are either short on time or just tired of traditional dating often look to free dating sites in Edinburgh. And with good reason, as they let you date from anywhere, at any time, giving people a proper picture of the singles as well as narrowing down the best dating app in Edinburgh.

Finding the right person is easy on eharmony

eharmony is the most trusted dating app because we focus on finding real relationships rather than providing a matching and chatting platform. Over our 20 years in business, we have proven ourselves to be one of the best dating apps in Edinburgh for people who are looking for lasting love. Here are some of the reasons we’ve helped over 2 million people find love.

We match you based on compatibility

Your first step with eharmony is the Compatibility Quiz. This is the foundation for how we match you and takes just 20 minutes to complete. In a nutshell, your answers to the quiz tell us:

  • What are the building blocks of your personality?
  • How do you communicate?
  • How do you approach your everyday life?
  • What motivates you?

Your answers tell us what kind of relationship you need, and what type of person we should match you with to maximise your Edinburgh dating opportunities.

Filters that let you be selective

eharmony has a huge membership pool of genuine, sincere singles from around Edinburgh, Scotland and the world to draw from.

For this reason, your Match List may be quite substantial. We give you the tools to handily filter your list based on what’s important to you apart from age and proximity settings. Do they have children? Do they want children? What kind of education and job do they have? Are they religious? We let you set criteria for all these questions and so many more.  

Profiles that give you meaningful insights into people

We know reading through profiles can be a slog. This is why we design ours to give as much information on your matches in the shortest space of time.

Check out their basic stats or take a look at some of their quirks, desires and passions. You can also quickly reference your commonalities in the Similarities section, to see how you stack up against each other.

Edinburgh dating online done securely

We are the most trusted dating app. We achieved this by providing a secure platform for people to engage on where it’s not just your data that’s safe but where you feel respected and secure. Our responsive Customer Care team is available 24/7 for any issues and we regularly do deep audits on our system for fake or abusive accounts and bots.

First date ideas for Edinburgh singles

So you’ve met someone on the eharmony site or app and you want to meet up? Well, we’ve got a few ideas for an unforgettable first date:

  • The Alchemist – This fashionable cocktail bar offers not only some of the most inventive and wondrous inventions of modern mixology but also highly innovative takes on classic dishes
  • The Three Sisters – A somewhat eccentric take on dinner and a show, this colourful restaurant puts on a variety of events, depending on which night you choose, including comedy shows, cabaret and good old-fashioned pub quizzes
  • The Chocolatarium – For those with a sweet tooth, this venue in Old Town offers various award-winning chocolate tours

Let dating in Edinburgh be magical again

Whether it’s on those cobbles, admiring the New Town or using an Edinburgh dating site, it doesn’t matter how you go about it when dating in Edinburgh. The important thing is that you find someone right for you and that your relationship can enrich both your lives.

At eharmony, we don’t think it’s just the journey that’s important but how smoothly we can get you to your destination. So join for free today and discover the joys of compatibility. 

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