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Dating in Oxford: The Best Hotspots and Tips to Fall in Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

The very name conjures images of stately old buildings, venerable old professors in tweed, and students hunched over textbooks. But there’s more to know about the dating scene in Oxford than the university. Though small, the city is home to beautiful gardens and lovely museums, a thriving food scene, and lots of history. Plus, with over half (54%) of the city’s population being single, it’s a great time to search for a partner in Oxford.

What the dating life in Oxford looks like

While Oxford has many things to recommend it, it’s still a pretty small city – which means the number of single men and women in Oxford relatively small. Added to that is the fact that so many of the city’s residents are students, and singles searching for meaningful connections may find they come up short. That said, dating in Oxford is still perfectly possible… you just need to be willing to be patient and persevere.

How to find Oxford singles the traditional way

  • Even if you’re not a student, there are plenty of university events, from lectures to demonstrations, that you can attend – it’s a great way to bump into fellow singles.
  • If you’re at all sporty, joining a local adult rec league, running or biking group, or even a public yoga class is a great idea.
  • If you’d rather flex your mental muscles, trivia night at one of Oxford’s many pubs is a great way to meet like-minded others.

Dating in Oxford: Why singles here are going online

As mentioned previously, Oxford is a small city, even if it does have an impressive reputation, which means the dating pool is correspondingly… well, small. That’s where online dating can be a great option for Oxford singles – taking your search for love online means that you can expand your dating horizons, and meet people from neighbouring locations, all from the comfort of your own home.

A spotlight on compatibility with eharmony

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How the Compatibiliy Matching System works

  1. Once you’ve filled out eharmony’s 20-minute Compatibility Quiz, eharmony creates a Personality Profile based on 32 dimensions of compatibility.
  2. Next, these dimensions are evaluated using a matching algorithm that measures 136 data points.
  3. A Compatibility Score is calculated for you and each potential partner. The higher your shared Scores, the higher the chances of a meaningful connection. Compatibility Scores are based on a balanced ratio of similarities and contrasts.
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Top 5 date ideas for your first encounter in Oxford

  • If you like your coffee with a touch of history, take your date to The Grand Café, the very first coffee house in England.
  • If you’re fans of indie flicks, the Ultimate Picture Palace is a great first date idea.
  • Wander around the city before stopping for a sweet treat at one of the many G&D’s around.
  • If you love nature, there’s no better first date than a romantic walk around the spectacular Oxford Botanical Gardens.
  • Or if the weather doesn’t cooperate, do a little bit of indoor exploration at the Pitt Rivers museum and its famous shrunken heads.

Oxford singles, Love is waiting online in the City of Gleaming Spires

It may be small, but that doesn’t mean that dating in Oxford is impossible – far from it, with the city’s beautiful, romance-inspiring architecture, storied history, and range of things to see and do. All that’s missing is someone to share this beautiful city with, so don’t wait; sign up for eharmony and get started on your Oxford love story today.

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