12 signs you’re ready to get engaged

by Eharmony Editorial Team - January 7, 2010

If you think it’s time to move your relationship to the next level, here are twelve signs that you’re ready.

If you think it’s time to move your relationship to the next level, here are twelve signs that you’re ready to get engaged

1. It’s all good

Regardless of marriage, being happy in your relationship is the quality  that will lead to a full and happy life together – and apart. If you both have fulfilling careers, social lives and families, you have a great base for marriage (and you don’t expect getting engaged to be the answer to any problems).

2. Boring stuff is interesting

Marriage can be exciting, but it also comes with the boring bits like doing the weekly shop or visiting dull relatives. If you’re ready to get engaged, you’ll be as happy doing these things as you are having a great meal out together.

3. You’re ready to wave your single life goodbye

The prospect of being faithful to one person ‘til death do us part doesn’t scare you; in fact it makes you feel more confident. You’ve even considered foregoing contact with your exes to ensure the health of your marriage.

4. You’re the best you can be together

You bring out the best in each other. A bit cheesy we know, but important for a long-lasting relationship.

5. You can compromise

Sometimes, compromise doesn’t mean meeting each other half way – it can mean you simply have to let your other half have their way. You want Chinese takeaway, and they want Indian; unless you’re going to make separate orders, maybe this time you’ll just have to settle for a Korma. It’s about being a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’.

6. You support each other

If you get an important promotion at work, or they do a charity abseil, you’re there and the first to cheer each other on.

7. Honesty is the policy

Your partner should be the one person you don’t need a front for when things aren’t going so well. When you’re engaged, you’ll be sharing your lives together, and if you’ve had a bad day, you need to be able to come home and talk about it, and even have a bit of a cry, without feeling self-conscious or as if you’re being judged.

8. You can handle conflict

It’s not necessarily what you argue about, it’s how you deal with the argument. If you respect each other’s opinion and can accept that conflict happens in every healthy relationship, you’re on the right path for marriage.

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9. You’re matched on values

It makes sense for a married couple to have the same values. For example, that you both want children at some point, or that you both are happy to settle down in a nice rural area after you tie the knot. If you’re pulling in separate directions, you could pull your marriage apart.

10. Your family and friends are happy for you

These are the people whose opinions probably mean the most to you, and if they’re happy with your relationship, you can be too.

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11. You’re looking ahead

Maybe it’s that you’ve opened a joint savings account, or when you’re out shopping you automatically wonder whether your partner will like a certain piece of furniture for your house, but if you’ve started thinking long-term you’re on the right track.

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12. You’d be happy to elope

Marriage is much more than just one great day and a big party with all your friends and family. If you’d be okay with the idea of eloping, rather than having a big wedding, then that’s a great indicator that you’re serious about marriage.

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