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15 Ways to Know If You Are a Top Priority in Your Love’s Life

by Jeannie Assimos - May 10, 2016

“How important am I to you? Am I a priority in your life?”

Even if you’ve never actually asked your partner these questions, it’s likely you’ve thought them. When you’re in love, you want to know where you fit on the priority list. Sometimes it’s hard to know for sure.

But there are signals that clearly indicate just how important you are to your partner. You know you are a top priority when your partner …

1. Zealously protects your time together. Although everyone is busy these days, someone who holds you in high esteem won’t let demands and obligations crowd out your one-on-one time.

2. Introduces you to family and friends. You know you have special standing when your partner is eager for you to meet the important people in his/her life.

3. Includes you in other interests. Your partner is happy to have you join her book group or hit the golf course with him.

4. Is concerned about impressing you. Not because your partner needs your approval, but because he/she wants to look good and behave well to enhance your life.

5. Is protective of you. Someone who values you highly will always have your back, watching out for you and taking your side.

6. But is not overprotective. You’re a priority when your partner recognizes your strength and knows you can stand up for yourself.

7. Puts love into action. It’s easy to SAY you are a priority, but you’ll know it’s true when your partner makes sacrifices for you and demonstrates your importance through acts and deeds.

8. Sweats the small stuff. Details matter, and it’s the little things that make a big impression. Your partner attends to particulars, all to make you feel honored.

9. Notices things about you that others overlook. If you are important to your partner, then everything about you is important. He or she will see the fine textures of your life.

10. Listens carefully to what you say. You know you’re a priority when your partner makes the effort to listen when he/she would prefer to do something else—when the game is on, when she’s tired, when text alerts are stacking up.

11. Remembers details you’ve shared. You know you are valued when your partner listens closely to know you better—and then uses what he hears to treat you well.

12. Is curious about you. Your partner asks tons of questions to discover all the “insider information” you—and then is genuinely fascinated by your responses.

13. Respects your beliefs and opinions. The person who is serious about you is serious about your thoughts and convictions.

14. Is transparent. You’re special to someone who tries hard to never be evasive or secretive. He gives you straight answers.

15. Nurtures your relationship consistently. You know you’re a priority when your partner does everything he/she can to keep your relationship strong and growing.