10 things you need to know about dating in Glasgow


Dating in Glasgow

Whether you’re new to the Glasgow dating scene or just getting back out there again, there are a few things you need to know. Local dating expert Paul Thomas Bell explains all

So, you live in the wonderfully cultured city of Glasgow, you’re single and you want to get out there and date? Well, before you start, there’s just a few little things you should know…

1. Things don’t always go to plan

Dating in Glasgow always has a little bit of an ‘anything can happen’ feel to it. I once planned what I though would be a nice, fun and relaxed ten-pin bowling date. It was all those thing, but it ended with us dancing to some buskers on Sauchiehall Street at 2am on a school night! Oh, to be young again.

2. ‘One drink’ almost always turn into a pub crawl

Some Glaswegians will tell you there’s no such thing as one drink and, more often than not, that turns out to be true. Glasgow’s night life is better than ever before, and with the stylish merchant city and rejuvenated Finnieston area, your choices are endless.

3. Glasgow is full of characters

I say this without judgement, of course, but this can be a good and a bad thing. I’ve rarely met anyone in Glasgow that doesn’t have a story to tell about that one guy or girl on that one date that they’ve never forgotten. Sometimes that person is so bizarre that they provide a story you can tell for years to come and sometimes, we marry them. What kind of person am I talking about? I don’t know, maybe the girl who turned up for our first date with my face printed on her T-shirt? She was a hoot.

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4. You will always bump into someone you know

If you’re from Glasgow and you’re getting back out onto the dating scene, you will see someone you know. Nervous about bumping into a colleague, friend, family, or even an ex? Go to Edinburgh.

5. People will be watching

Yes, that’s right; this is a city of people-watchers. And there’s nothing people-watchers love more than watching people on a first date. If this puts you off, avoid restaurants at all costs. How to deal with it? Turn the tables of course, people-watch the people-watches – it can make for a surprisingly entertaining date.

6. Glasgow likes burgers

If you do insist on going to a restaurant on your date, be prepared to end up at one of the many (many) burger joints that have appeared in the city in recent years. In fact, at one point all four corners of a busy city centre junction were populated by gourmet burger restaurants. Chew on that!

7. I hope you can sing

By that I don’t mean you have to be able to hold a tune, you just need to be willing and able to make a bit of a fool of yourself. Glaswegians love to belt out a tune and you’ll find karaoke sessions happening in some of the most surprising places, just about every night of the week.

8. Never date on old firm day

As you’ll probably know by now, Glasgow’s sport scene is dominated by two particular football teams. Yes, this comes with a lot of banter and good times for many people but, if football isn’t your thing, save yourself the trouble and arrange your date for another night. Unless it was a draw, of course.

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9. It isn’t always about alcohol

Honestly, it’s not. As good as the nightlife is, Glasgow now offers a range of fun, activity-based date ideas, which is something I always highly recommend. I even revisited my youth and went on a date to an adult roller disco. It was the best throwback of my life, even if I did leave with some very impressive bruises.

10. Glasgow is full of singles

This is perhaps the most important thing you’ll want to know about dating in Glasgow. No matter what age you are, and no matter how many loved up couples you think you know, you will meet someone! Online dating is booming among Glaswegians, dating events are popping up all over the place, and even just the natural Glasgow art of politely striking up conversations with strangers makes it hard to go wrong. This city was made for socialising.

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