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Where The Heart Is: 15 At Home Date Night Ideas

by eharmony Editorial Team - November 22, 2023

Sure, going out is a great idea… but it’s not always possible, whether for practical or financial reasons. At home dates are a fantastic alternative, for many reasons – they’re far cheaper, can be very relaxing, and can be tailored to your particular lifestyles and interests. At home date night ideas are a great way to keep the romance alive in your relationship regardless of how long you’ve been together.

A date night at home doesn’t have to be boring or an afterthought – in this article, you’ll find fifteen creative, interesting ways to recreate that date night magic in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

5 Fun at home date ideas

Sometimes, you just want a relaxed night in. Some fun, low-key at home date night ideas:

1. Cook a gourmet meal together

Pick a recipe out of a cookbook and go grocery shopping or keep it simple by using one of the many meal kit delivery services available to have all the ingredients delivered right to your door. You can even both cook the same recipe and have a cook-off!

2. Do a puzzle together

This rainy-day staple also makes for a fun date night at home. Pick a puzzle that’s complicated enough it’ll take a couple of hours but not so complicated it’ll make you tear your hair out in frustration, have snacks and wine at the ready, and you’re all set.

3. Have a tasting party

Like wine tasting, only for whatever catches your fancy. Ice cream? Cookies? Soda? Whiskey? Pick any beverage or type of food and you’re good to go! You can pit gourmet brands against bargain ones, pick a particular region to explore, or see how your favorites stack up against the competition.

4. Have a picnic… on the living room floor

Who says you need to be outdoors for a picnic? Choose an array of your favorite picnic foods, spread out a blanket, and go to town. Bonus: no need to worry about sunburn, or ants!

5. Do a craft together

No matter what your level of DIY facility, there’s a craft (or a ready-made kit) out there for you. Use melted crayons to make candles, put together jars of soup or cookie mix to give as gifts, make bracelets out of paracord… the sky’s the limit! 

5 Romantic at home date ideas

Add a little spice to your love life with these romantic at home date ideas.

1. Turn the lights down low

Why go out for a candlelight dinner when you can achieve the same effect at home? Turn all the lights off and spend your evening bathed in nothing but candles.

2. Treat yourselves

An at-home spa date night is an easy way to mix romance and self-care. Take a long leisurely bath, give each other massages, the works. As a bonus, you’ll be nice and relaxed for whatever comes next.

3. Valentine’s Day everyday

Who says you only have to celebrate the patron saint of love on Feb 14? Pick a random day of the year and have a Valentine’s Day themed dinner, complete with flowers and heart-shaped desserts.

4. Write each other love letters

Sometimes, the old-fashioned way of doing things just can’t be beat. Sit down with pen and paper and tell your significant other all the things you love about them. If you’re stuck, look to the Internet for inspiration; there are plenty of sites with tips, how-to guides, and even kits.

5. Dance the night away

You don’t have to go to a disco to dance. Clear the living room, set up a music or YouTube playlist, and get started. You could also teach yourself a new style – there are tutorials online for everything from the waltz to polka.

5 Out of the box at home date ideas

Sometimes, you just need a break from your regular routine. Try one of these off-beat at home date ideas:

1. Go through your old photos together

Scroll through the galleries on your phones, or pull out your actual physical photo collections. This trip down memory lane is a wonderful way to remember all the good times you’ve had in your relationship.

2. Go backyard camping

Pitching a tent in your backyard isn’t just for kids; a night under the stars in a shared sleeping bag can make for a wonderfully romantic experience, especially if you can also manage a campfire.

3. Take a virtual tour

Several world-renowned museums, including the Louvre, have so-good-it’s-almost-like-being-there virtual tours on their websites. Settle in for an evening of learning and culture at a fraction of the cost of a ticket to Paris. 

4. Discover your love language

Gary Chapman’s theory of love languages has helped countless couples improve their relationship. If you haven’t already, sit down with the book and a glass of wine and see if your languages are compatible. Already done so? Might be time for a refresher.

5. Make a bucket list

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. Grab notepads, pens, and your phones and put your heads together to make a couples’ bucket list. Bonus: it’s a great jumping-off point for future date ideas, too!

Explore Further Date Ideas

Still searching for further date ideas? Explore a bunch of different date ideas – casual, spontaneous, and memorable. Regardless of what point you’re at in your relationship, you’ll find cool and interesting date ideas to wow your partner with.

Keep the romance alive with at home date nights

Life can get really busy and leave romance by the wayside. At home date nights are a great way to make sure you and your partner still have time for each other regardless of what else is going on in your lives. Routines can sometimes lead to ruts and a date night is fantastic for making sure you don’t get stuck in one… or breaking out of it if you are. With these at home date ideas, you’ll be putting the spark back in your relationship in no time.

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