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Nottingham Dating: Find True Love in the Queen of the Midlands

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It may be known for Robin Hood, but this city in the East Midlands is so much more than that. Nottingham is home to amazing nightlife, great food and wonderful shopping. It’s been called the Home of Sport while also being a hub for arts and music. Add to that that over half (51%) of the population is single, and it’s easy to see why dating in Nottingham is a great idea.

Challenges to find singles the old-fashioned way

Nottingham has many charms, its university among them. The other side of the coin, however, is that the city is home to a massive student population. Which means that if you’re not in college, or over student age, dating in this city can be a little bit difficult. Plus, Nottingham, while a great shopping and sports destination, isn’t actually all that big. Which means the number of available singles in Nottingham – and therefore your dating pool – is much smaller than in larger cities like London or Edinburgh.

Fear not, Nottingham singles. Knowing the right hotspots and having a little patience, you’ll see that seeking for a partner is an adventure.

Some of the best places to meet new people in Nottingham

  • Joining a club like Mixing Out is a great way for newcomers and long-time Nottingham residents to get to know singles.
  • Or if you’re a gamer, head to the Dice Cup to meet fellow board game geeks.
  • If you’d rather make than play, the Nottingham Hackspace is a great place to let your creativity loose while starting conversations with people who share the same interests.
  • More the sporty type? An adult sports league, a running group, or even a community yoga class is a great way to meet fellow fitness-loving people.
  • If you’re a nature lover, volunteering with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is a great way to give back to the community, help preserve the environment, and get in touch with like-minded others.

The advantages of dating online in Nottingham

It’s true that there’s nothing quite like spontaneous meeting, or even realising that that personyour friend recommends is up your street. But, while there’s still something to be said for traditional dating, as time goes on, dating in Nottingham has moved online. When you look for love online, you can find people who want what you want – a serious, committed relationship.

Your words matter with eharmony

eharmony knows that sometimes, a swipe just isn’t enough – you need more than a picture, you need a thousand words, or even more. That’s why eharmony’s user profiles, aside from being designed to be clear and easy to read, are full of information. This gives you the opportunity to really get to know any potential partners before deciding to take things further.

You can upload multiple photos to your profile and show off the various different aspects of your personality. Plus, there’s also a ‘Personal Quote’ section for a quick snapshot of your philosophie. Want to share your thoughts? Use the handy ‘What’s on My Mind’ section to do so.

Talking about yourself can be difficult, so eharmony provides a list of short, simple questions, and a place to list all your hobbies. You never know who also likes hiking, or follows the same offbeat band you do.

If you’re in a hurry, or want to be sure any potential partners know the most important things about you right from the start, your profile has a ‘Who Am I’ section with four important questions – ‘I’m Thankful For’, ‘Best Life Skills’, ‘Things I Can’t Live Without’ and ‘My Friends Describe Me As…’ – These are a great way to start a conversation!

4 original ideas for a first date in Nottingham

  • For a low-key but still romantic first date, pack a picnic and head to Wollaton Hall and the accompanying lake and gardens.
  • If you’re the arty kind, a visit to Nottingham Contemporary makes for a great idea, especially if you pair it with dessert at the Pudding Pantry after.
  • If you’re the kind who loves a little healthy competition on your first date, head to The Lost City for crazy golf or Roxy’s for pool.
  • Or go ice skating at the National Ice-Skating Arena in Hockney – talk about a fun excuse to cling to your date!

Nottingham singles, fall in love by the River Trent and start with eharmony

Given all there is to see and do in Nottingham, including easy access to nature, lots of sports (whether watching or playing), fun museums, a thriving arts scene, it’s clear the city earns its nickname. And the opportunities for dating in Nottingham are large and diverse indeed. Sign up for eharmony and take the first step of your Nottingham love story today.

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