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Break the Ice

So you’ve matched with another eharmony member, but what now? The early stages of any conversation can be tricky, so to make those first steps a little less awkward, why not try our Icebreaker feature?

What is an Icebreaker?

As the name suggests, it’s a quick game designed to help you break the ice with someone you’ve just matched with. And playing it takes off some of the pressure to come up with clever one-liners to impress your Match.

Where do I find Icebreakers?

Once you have matched with another member, you can find the icebreaker in your message options next to the text.

How does it work?

We’ll show you five pairs of images. Pick the image you like most from each pair, then send your choices to a Match. Your Match will then pick the images they like best and you can compare results.

Any of your Matches can also ask you to play. In your Messages tab, you’ll see a notification when your Match sends an Icebreaker. You can see their choices, respond with your own, or send a message.

You also can call up previous Icebreakers at any time in your messages area by clicking the “Results” button. You can play the Icebreaker game as often as you like with a Match with different pairs of images each time.

Are Icebreakers free to use?

Yes, but you can only use Icebreakers after matching with another member, which happens when you have both hit Like (and perhaps commented) on some aspect of each other’s profile.

Who can I send Icebreakers to?

You can send an Icebreaker to any Basic or Premium member you have matched with, or any member already in your contacts.

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