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Call the love coach – with eharmony Premium

by Eharmony Editorial Team - April 27, 2021

Step aside chatbots! eharmony Premium has launched in the UK, offering one-to-one consultations for singles – with actual human experts. Rachael Lloyd reports

Every year the experts at eharmony work with the brilliant minds of Imperial College London to produce the Future of Dating report. It covers everything from the prospect of virtual reality dates to the potential of futuristic smart homes to source compatible matches.

But one thing we’ve never lost sight of among all the big data and technological advances, is singles’ intuitive yearning for a genuinely human touch within the matchmaking process.

Our  research indicates almost one third of  UK singles have given up on love because they feel there’s nobody out there for them. These folk – and many others – deserve better than to be dropped into an ocean of online matches and simply deserted. Because let’s face it, with the rise in casual apps, it can feel like anarchy out there.

While there’s no end of pleasing profiles via our smartphones, those of us seeking more meaningful relationships can fall foul of time-wasters, ghosting, blocking, even catfishing.

At eharmony we’ve always done things differently. We think finding love is a serious business and take the time to get to know singles and intelligently match them. We aim to be a supportive and safe place for millions of global subscribers.

But now we’ve gone one step further with the creation of eharmony Premium.

What is eharmony Premium?

The service was created to meet the need for a more personalised element to online dating – and marks a fresh chapter for the industry.

Why bother with a chatbot when a human being is available to help? We want something as delicate as searching for love to feel empowering, not clumsy and nerve-wracking.

Once you sign up and complete our relationship questionnaire you can book for a 30-minute consultation with one of our trained experts.  These so-called ‘love coaches’ are on your side and they know their stuff.

Tips include encouraging singles to write longer profiles and be more confident about stating who they are. Our research  indicates some 47% of single men and 36% of women describe themselves in 25 words or fewer – well below the advised optimum of 250 words.

People also commonly use short opening messages such as ‘Hi’ or ‘How’s life?’ Yet this approach actually leads to a 35% drop in replies.

Research also suggests there is room for improvement when selecting profile pictures. Facial close-ups and pictures where someone else (potentially an ex) is cut out or pixelated, all lead to a marked decline in interest (not a surprise but it’s amazing how many people do this).

In contrast, uploading a range of pictures depicting an active or athletic lifestyle can encourage a flurry of fresh messages.

Furthermore, women wearing sunglasses in at least one of their photos often see a rise in interest; and men who express themselves romantic typically do well. Both men and women benefit from being perceived as altruistic and kind.

All this insight and more is covered in each bespoke 30-minute conversation with a trained consultant.

Adding a personal touch to eharmony’s unique matching technology, consultants also offer advice on:

  • Communication history – how often to send messages, the type of messages that receive the most favourable responses and how to break the ice
  • Considered photo choices – advice on the best type of photos to upload, including which fashion choices do best and the optimal angles to take pictures from
  • Match preferences – how to calibrate a user’s settings to ensure they are matching with the most compatible partners

What features are included in eharmony Premium?

As well as this, experts offer more practical advice on how best to use other new features, which include:

  • Incognito mode – allowing users to browse their matches anonymously
  • Message tracker – giving users the ability to see read receipts on their messages
  • Spotlight – putting them at the top of potential love interests’ lists

Romain Bertrand, UK country manager for eharmony says: “We’ve looked closely at the online dating landscape and realised that while it’s important to keep developing better technology, people still yearn for a distinctly human touch. We believe the future of dating lies in a more personalised experience.

“We want people to enjoy the benefits of our unique compatibility matching system along with the guidance of their own personal consultant. We’re thrilled that eharmony Premium has launched globally now and are looking forward to seeing its US success repeated in the UK market.”

eharmony Premium is available to all members on all platforms. New customers can select the Premium package during sign-up, existing customers should look for this prompt to sign up within the website and app.