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eharmony Compatibility Test Questions

At eharmony, we’re all about compatibility. That’s why we get to know you better to match you better, and also why all new eharmony members take the Compatibility Quiz.

The 80 eharmony compatibility test questions– which range across your personality type, likes and dislikes, communication style and what drives you – are designed to give us a deep insight into your character. From your answers, we build your unique Personality Profile.

Why do I have to answer eharmony compatibility questions?

The Compatibility Quiz, and how we use its results, are at the heart of what makes eharmony different from other dating sites or apps. We have successfully brought over 2m couples together because we take the time to really get to know our members and what each of them needs from a relationship.  

This means we ask a lot of questions, but these give us a near complete picture of who you are and what sort of person would be your ideal match. Like anything else good in life, the chance of a lasting, loving relationship is surely worth a little time and effort.

What questions does eharmony ask?

The Compatibility Quiz covers a broad range of questions, each designed to reveal a fragment of the real you, which we then combine into the complete picture of your Personality Profile.

We ask about your attitude to relationships, and why it is you think you’re currently single. This, together with questions on the sort of boundaries you prefer, allows us to build up a picture of your attitudes to relationships. The eharmony questionnaire also explores your communication style – as this is key to the success of any relationship – and let’s us find you someone thoroughly compatible.

Some eharmony compatibility test questions are less obviously related to relationships, but help us figure out critical components of your psychology and behaviours in life situations. This question, about what you might worry about before attending a wedding, is a good example.

Other questions of the eharmony questionaire might, at first glance seem stranger still. In one example, we show you a series of paired images and ask you to choose a favourite. It might not be obvious how these choices will impact on your love life, but our quiz has been developed with the help of leading psychologists, and your answers here give us key pointers on your outlook towards life.

How many Questions do we ask in our eharmony compatibility test?

The Compatibility Quiz contains 80 questions and most people should be able to complete it in roughly 20 minutes.

Can I retake the Compatibility Quiz?

We want your Personality Profile to be as accurate as possible, and therefore always encourage new users to answer questions instinctively. In our experience, the ability to reset the eharmony questionnaire and take the quiz a second time does not usually lead to hugely different results.

But to help you complete the quiz to the best of your satisfaction, here are some tips on how to answer eharmony questions.

Tips for answering the eharmony questionnaire

  1. Take your time, but not too much
    We want your answers to be natural and instinctive – to show us the real you. And though many answers need a thoughtful approach, it’s best not to get bogged down
  2. . . . especially on the picture questions
    The questions asking you to choose between one image an another are best answered quickly. Your first answer is usually the right one
  3. Be honest!
    With any dating service, it can be tempting to put forward an airbrushed, idealised version of yourself. But (a) our questions are definitely not designed to make you look bad and, (b), this is not any dating service. Our aim is to find you a partner who, possibly, you could spend the rest of your days with and, for that, we need to see you as you really are
  4. Take a break
    Although it normally takes around 20 minutes to complete the quiz, don’t feel you have to do it all in one go. We’ll save your completed answers and you can come back and finish the quiz any time

eharmony compatibility test Questions: now get started!

The eharmony questionnaire is your first step towards finding the happy, lasting relationship you’ve always dreamed of. And more than that, it’s a unique journey of self-discovery into what kind of person you really are, how you present yourself to the outside world, and, vitally, what this says about the type of relationship you would be happiest in.

So why stay in the dark? Discover the real you today and join eharmony.

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