Five date ideas that are perfect for introverts


Date ideas for introverts

Dating an introvert? Or are you introverted and looking for date suggestions? Well look no further; these date ideas from Sarah Moody of the Prosecco Diaries, are perfect for introverts 

It’s a myth that introverts are shy, boring, hate social social situations and don’t like people. In fact, not only can introverts be interesting and witty but they do like conversation. They prefer conversation to small talk and small groups rather than large crowds.

Some introverts do find dating difficult. First date nerves are normal but introverted people often feel anxious at the thought of having to start conversations, make small talk and be comfortable in a crowded space. Most people would shy away from long periods of silence on a first date but a cinema or theatre date is perfect for an introvert. These types of dates give them time to think and help to set up meaningful conversation topics. Here are five of the best date ideas for introverts:

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1. Watch a film at a luxury cinema

Just because you’re going to the movies, you don’t have to just head to the local multiplex. Choosing a luxury cinema will add a little extra to your date – and give you plenty to talk about as you enjoy the comfy armchairs and cocktail service. There are boutique cinemas like this located across the country. We’d recommend looking out for Everyman cinemas, Picturehouse, and the Electric.

2. Head to the theatre

The great thing about a theatre date is that there’s sure to be something that caters for every taste. Whether you’re a big fan of West End musicals or your date loves a drama, you’ll almost certainly find a local play that fits the bill. You could even opt for an experiential piece of theatre, where you and your date are taken on a journey by the actors. And if it’s panto season, what could be better than bonding between shouts of ‘he’s behind you!’

3. Take a walking tour

Taking a walking tour of your local area is of the best cheap date ideas for introverts. Not only will you and your date get to find out more about your town or city but there’s no pressure to make small talk while the guide is speaking. There are so many different types of tours to choose from, everything from ghost walks to famous film locations. Check out your local tourist board’s website to find out what’s available near you.

4. Take a class together

Taking a class in a subject that you’re both interested in is a fun date idea for introverts. You can let the teacher lead the activity and focus your conversation and interaction around this. Opt for a classic cookery or pottery class, or try something a little different with an afternoon of taxidermy or a neon lights workshop.

5. Visit a museum

When you’re walking around a museum or art gallery, it’s easy to keep the conversation flowing. Plus, if you do fall silent, that’s completely normal. Many museums and galleries large towns and cities offer late opening hours, especially in the summer, which are even better suited to introvert dating. The spaces are typically less crowded, often feature a bar or DJ, and regularly host talks and workshops that could take the pressure off even more.

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