7 amazing first date ideas in the South West of England


Glastonbury Tor, South West dating

If you’re dating in the South West, then you can’t go wrong with these first date suggestions from Somerset native, Jo Middleton

It may not have the fame of London or the population of the South East, but the South West has a lot to offer too! If you’re looking for somewhere to go on a first date in the south west then look no further. I have some ideas; some mainstream, and some that a little more unusual…

Take a stroll around Bristol’s Harbourside

There’s so much to do around the Harbourside in Bristol, including the Watershed Theatre, M-Shed and the Arnolfini. A first date once took me to the Arnolfini. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand any of it and made a joke about the fire extinguisher being an installation (it’s a modern art gallery.) We didn’t see each other again.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Glastonbury Tor is one of the ultimate date spots for me. It’s a bit of a climb to the top, but no so much as to make you breathless and sweaty. The view from the top is amazing, and it’s the perfect spot for a romantic first kiss.

Lyme Regis, Dorset

Lyme Regis is absolutely gorgeous, and a great place for a first date in the South West. Stroll along the seafront, play games at the arcade or indulge in a round of mini golf (always good for assessing your date’s competitiveness). Finish off with a gelato from Frank and Beans – possibly the best in the south west.

The Bakelite Museum, Somerset

The owner of the Bakelite Museum takes great pride in telling people that it was once voted the second most boring museum in the UK, behind the Pencil Museum in Cumbria (I’ve been there too!) Personally, I think it’s a fascinating insight into history, and they do a lovely cream tea.

Constantine Stores, near Falmouth, Cornwall

It might seem a bit strange to go on a date to what is, effectively, a village shop, but this little store is famous for its wine and spirits section, with more types of gin on offer than you could ever need. Why not pick up something that catches your eye and head back to Falmouth for a picnic on the beach?

The Gnome Reserve, Devon

I once dated someone who was really into gnomes. He got the idea that he could make his own and build a gnome empire (we didn’t date for long). But, it was thanks to him that I found out about the Gnome Reserve. It’s a little creepy, hilarious and beautiful in equal measure. Note: wearing a gnome hat when you visit is obligatory.

Riverboat Cruise, Bath

Unless you suffer from seasick, you can’t go wrong with a riverboat cruise. River Adventures do a lunchtime pub trip where you cruise up the river in a vintage 1960s boat, stop off at the Boathouse pub for lunch, and cruise back again. You could always push your date overboard if it doesn’t go well (just joking!)

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