Our study partners

eharmony has teamed up with partners in the university and charity sectors, as well as media and commercial organisations, on a mission to expand the boundaries of public knowledge around dating and relationships. Some of our partnerships, such as our Future of Dating series, aim to explore the evolution of our relationship habits through academic studies. Others take the temperature of public opinion on hot-button topics such as dating etiquette and gender relations. Still more explore the impact of relationships on our mental health and wellbeing. eharmony is grateful to all our partner organisations for their hard work and dedication in our field.


The UK’s leading relationship charity

Relate focuses on the quality of relationships for families, couples and even single people. It has a network of centres across the UK and offers services such as family and relationship counselling, counselling for children and young people, and sex therapy. Relate works to champion the importance of strong relationships in the media, and works with the government to ensure public policy also reflects this. It carries out research to determine how our relationships are changing and makes recommendations on how government policy should respond. eharmony partnered with Relate in 2021 to research the effect of the pandemic on relationships. 

sometimes we’re so focused on other people that we forget the most important relationship of all: the one with ourselves

Aidan Jones, Relate CEO



The UK’s most popular website for parents

Mumsnet was created in early 2000 by founder Justine Roberts as a forum where parents could swap advice, tips and generally share the joys and struggles of family life. It is now the UK’s largest parenting website with roughly 8.2m unique visitors and 100m page views monthly, and regularly campaigns on issues including support for families of children with special educational needs, improvements in postnatal and miscarriage care, and employment rights for working parents. Mumsnet partnered with eharmony in 2021 to survey a section of its members on their struggles and frustrations with dating as a single parent.

There are many single parents on Mumsnet, mostly mums, supporting each other through the online dating process, and these results echo much of what they say.

Justine Roberts, Mumsnet founder


Swansea university

Swansea University is a research-led university that has been making a difference since 1920. The University community thrives on exploration and discovery, and offers the right balance of excellent teaching and research, matched by an enviable quality of life. Swansea University was University of the Year 2019 in the What Uni Student Choice Awards and the Welsh University of the Year 2019.

Cognitive psychology helps
us to understand the human interactions going on around us every day.

Dr Alex Jones, Swansea University


university of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln was awarded Gold in the national Teaching Excellence Framework, an independent assessment of teaching quality in UK higher education. The award reflects our exciting teaching, great support for students and excellent employment outcomes. The institution is known for a pioneering approach to working with employers, which has been recognised with a Lord Stafford Award and Times Higher Education Award.

Our work with eharmony sheds light onto decisions made when it comes to dating and interacting with a new potential partner

Dr Robin Kramer, cognitive psychologist


Lucy Beresford

Psychotherapist and Broadcaster

Lucy Beresford is an experienced live broadcaster, as well as an award-winning writer published across four continents. She is the host of a successful weekly chat show #MindOverMatterMondays, founder of the award-winning Kindness Club, and an award winning UKCP-registered pyschotherapist.

She is the author of Happy Relationships: At Home, Work and Play, and is working in collaboration with the Happy Relationships app, while sharing free advice on her Instagram. She has written for a variety of publications on all matters relating to mental health, relationships, sexual wellness and wellbeing, dating and/or depression, from anorexia to selfie addiction, to the psychologies of general elections to the Great British Bake Off.

My superpower is that an analysis of relationships informs everything i do


Alcohol Change

Charity and Campaign Group

Alcohol Change UK works for a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol. While not anti-alcohol, the organisation is for alcohol change – where issues that lead to alcohol problems – like poverty, mental health issues, homelessness – are addressed; where those of us who drink too much, and our loved ones, have access to high-quality support whenever needed, free of shame or stigma.

Alcohol Change UK creates evidence-driven change by working towards five key changes: improved knowledge, better policies and regulation, shifted cultural norms, improved drinking behaviours, and more and better support and treatment.

We focus entirely on reducing alcohol harm, working across the whole range of serious alcohol harms, from mental and physical to societal and economic.


Dr Martin Graff

senior lecturer in psychology, university of south wales

Dr Martin Graff is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of South Wales. He has also been a visiting scholar at the State University of New York, Cortland, USA; Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and the Academic Institute for Higher Education in Germany. 

​His main research interests are in the psychology of romantic relationships, online dating and social media, and he has delivered lectures on online dating and romantic attraction, in the UK, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  Dr Graff has published over fifty scientific articles, selected publications here.

As technology has become ever more prevalent in our lives we’re seeing a new type of internet addiction in the form of dating apps, with users often unaware that they are addicted to them.


Imperial College Business School

As part of Imperial College London, a global leader in science and technology, the Business School drives global business and social transformation through the fusion of business, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset. 

It combines innovative thinking and insight with new technology to develop solutions to real world issues, benefiting business and improving society. Its world-leading researchers pioneer practical solutions and their research excellence informs our postgraduate and Executive Education programmes. ICBS thought leadership is sought by governments, policy-makers and global business leaders, who often partner with us on research projects.

Imperial attracts brilliant minds and provide the environment to foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, resulting in ground-breaking ideas that unlock business opportunities.

growth in online dating has accelerated with more than a third of relationships now beginning online


Laurel House

Celebrity dating coach and relationship expert

Laurel House is an author, TV personality and international dating coach with a no-games approach to dating. Since 2010, House has worked with clients around the world with one-on-one dating consulting. She is a five-times published author, including her most recent “Screwing the Rules; the No-Games Guide to Love.” 

I’m known as a rule “screwer” when it comes to dating, because I realized that the dating rules of yester-decades were leading to miscommunication, frustration, confusion, superficial short-lived relationships… Dating is about clarity and confidence. Confidence about who you are, what you bring to the table, what you need, and what you expect to get.